James Johnstone

James Johnstone

August 26th, 2010 // 1:29 pm @

James Johnstone

It is thanks to my mother, Diane, that my early ideas for a children’s story developed into two fully worked books of four stories each, almost immediately found a top literary agency and received a four-book offer from a world class publisher. Advising me long distance by email and phone, Diane guided me all the way through numerous drafts and her advice was invaluable: my characters grew and the plots became infinitely more interesting and tauter, as much for what she advised me to throw out as to keep in.

My first stories needed a lot of help from Diane, but when writing the later ones I must have taken to heart her excellent advice, because she recommended far fewer changes. It was such a relief having someone who understood what I was trying to do and was capable of helping me do it.

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